Born in Leicester, which is about the middle of the Midlands of England, but mostly grew up in SW Greater London. I still support Leicester City Football Club (the Foxes), although to my shame I have never seen them play live. I also follow the fortunes of Leicestershire County Cricket Club, and I was at Lord's to see them win the Benson and Hedges (oops, can I still mention a tobacco company?) Cup in 1972 and 1975.

Attended Sutton Grammar School. I remain enormously grateful to many of the masters there for the care they took to provide the students with as broad and challenging an education as they could handle.

Undertook an extended tour of English universities, only stopping when I ran out of student grants.

Was so successful at job interviews that the only job I was offered was in Australia, too far away for them to interview me.

Developed an interest in writing stories for young readers, mainly sparked by reading many books to my young son and feeling that I could do at least as well as some of the writers, although I remain in awe of others. Gained Diplomas in Children's Writing and in Proofreading and Editing.

Started learning tai chi and qigong in 1996 and have continued learning since then -- this is a never-ending pursuit which also led me to study massage, initially through a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage and subsequently a Diploma in Remedial Massage (i.e. Western-style Massage).

Currently I work in Canberra as a tai chi instructor and remedial massage therapist, with a particular interest in the aged care and disability sectors.

Another longstanding interest is in music made by blowing down or across things, most recently using the shakuhachi. Imagine a recorder (the musical instrument) with no mouthpiece and fewer holes. Now imagine trying to play it. That's a shakuhachi. It is great for developing patience, which is probably why it was used as a meditation aid in Japan.

Geoffrey Hugh Miller
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